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• Testing Automation: Automated Test Systems (ATS) streamline the testing process by executing a predefined set of tests on electronic components, PCBs or entire systems.
• Reproducible Testing: Our ATS allows for reproducible testing, minimizing variability introduced by human intervention and ensuring consistency in results.
• Probing and Measurement: incorporate probes and measurement tools to detect electronic signals, measure parameters, and verify the proper functioning of components.
• Functional and Stress Testing: Capable of performing functional tests to verify that a component performs its intended functions and stress tests to assess robustness and long-term reliability.
• Automatic Reporting: Automatically generate detailed reports on test results, facilitating documentation and analysis of the obtained outcomes.
• Adaptability and Scalability: Our ATS are designed to be adaptable to different types of tests and can be scaled to fit various production sizes.
• Integration with Production Systems: Our ATS can be integrated into production processes to fully automate testing in line with mass production.

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