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• Rapid Development: We focus on quickly creating models or prototypes, enabling designers to explore various solutions within a short timeframe.
• Proto and Batch Production: We can produce and deliver small/medium quantity of fully assembled and tested PCBs.
• Testing and Evaluation: Our produced prototypes undergo testing and evaluation to verify functionality, form, and ergonomics of the product, targeting identify potential issues or necessary improvements.
• Swift Iteration approach: Based on test results, quick modifications to the original design can be made, generating a new iteration of the prototype promptly.
• Reduced Development Times is not an option: The primary goal is to minimize overall development times, enabling design teams to transition rapidly from the conceptual phase to creating a functional prototype.
• Client Engagement oriented: Rapid prototypes are often used to engage clients and stakeholders in the development process, allowing them to visualize and better understand the product during the design phase.
• Resource Efficiency: By employing rapid manufacturing processes, it’s possible to avoid mass production of expensive components before the design is fully validated.
• Experimentation with Emerging Technologies: Our rapid prototyping provides the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and materials without committing to costly mass production processes.

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